Sunday, February 21, 2010

Eyes on the Prize

Just a quick post before boring myself with acads.

Anything touchscreen pulls me like gravity. Say, I'm in a mall and I pass by a window with touch phones in it. Chances are, I stop in my tracks to check it out and sigh as I take note of the pricey tag OR I let it pass, obsess about its features and decide to head back to the store.

AND seeing this online didn't help.

The iPAD!

I casually brought it up this morning over breakfast. Asking my folks for something over breakfast is usually a good time. Since, Dad's busy sipping coffee and Mom's usually in a good mood (when she's not rushing for a court hearing).

Me: Ma, the iPAD's reaaaaaally cool! (blabbed all its features like a MAC salesman in the mall)
*Papa raised his eyebrows. He knew where I was getting to..*
Pa: So?
Ma: That's just sad. I just ordered a Mac already.
Me: But Ma, you have to get one. Cancel the other Mac. Get the iPAD! It's chic and classy. Fits you. You're a lawyer You NEED it, Ma.
Pa: Ses. IKAW LANG MAN GANAHAN. Papalit ka noh? ( Translation: Seems like you're the one so enthusiastic to have it. You want us to buy you one)
Me: My new lappie's not one year old. So why should I? Pero.... (But...).. It's really cool.
Ma: Let's see.

And I brightened up like a little child who just heard her folks about going to a candy store!!!

I must cook up something nice. Something grand to deserve the iPAD. Like maybe, GRADUATING this March? Hmmm.

*fingers tightly crossed*

(I have a sick affinity to new gadgets. My new ones hadn't turned a year old. And I'm not really the type who knows how to manipulate one to take full advantage of its features. TRUST ME. This is from someone who used to NOT know the difference between INSTALL and DOWNLOAD. Yeah. SHAME ON ME. Still, so difficult to NOT ignore the thin line between WANTS and NEEDS)

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