Monday, December 7, 2009

for payperpost

A few days ago, my friends and I were talking about earning money online. Others were working for and most were doing essays for they pay per page. The skeptic in me refused to believe it was for real but when they started showing me the money they earned and talks of bank accounts getting fat, my jaw dropped. Someone was earning thousands already while in college. So I said, hey, perhaps I can start all over again and take it seriously. I regretted taking it for granted when my older cousin told me about He said copywriting, writing articles and essays and proofreading are on demand online and they pay more than the average that customers from my country are willing to shell out. With my line of study, which is Accountancy, bookkeeping for companies pays really well by the hour.

*Sigh* All those times I wasted facebook-ing idly the entire day and watching series that would do me no good would have been the best opportunity for me to earn and save for graduation. Now I have less time to 'waste' due to major subjects that, as of the moment, are driving me crazy already at the first quarter of the semester.

But anyway, no sense dwelling in that now. I wrote an entry merely to comply with the requirements with The site I used to work for writing articles for them, they had some changes and I had to write a particular sentence in a post to authenticate my claim that I own this blog. So here goes...

".. a pie must be there on the second tuesday of the chinese new year.'

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