Monday, May 4, 2009


Ning served as an avenue to keep tabs on each student's OJT experience. Towards the end of March, OJT coordinators mandated it as a requirement to write updates through blogging. You either post entries on the school's account or for those who already have a blog can post a link to redirect it to their sites. Failure to do so nullifies one's compliance. Meager resources hinder the coordinators to visit students one by one to their respective workplace, thus, this creative, fun and modern idea seemed cheaper and all the more convenient. No problem on my part, I love to write others on the other hand found it unnecessary and bothersome. Don't they know writing is therapeutic? I just don't get it.

So off to OJT updates.workplace

The first week was a little disheartening. The first day was the worst, nothing much in the office to do besides staring into space. The supervisor wasn't around and I don't know what were the others' problem that they refused to bark orders.

my cluttered table

As soon as the supervisor was back, I heaved a sigh of relief. She gave me small tasks and that is handling the check advices and cross-checking disbursed checks. Like an eager beaver, I finished it ahead of time. As I excitedly submitted my output, I scrutinized her expression and was delighted to see an impressed smirk. Overwhelmed with the positive response, I hurriedly took care of the accounts she wanted me to journalize on the ledger. However, a week of doing the same thing turned into a routine. And despite little but welcome disruptions in work like snacks, a politician's birthday (everyone is invited)and other parties, a bustling police station packed with onlookers (I, included) for couples fights, caught criminals, etc. and activities in the plaza, I grew bored and longed for engaging tasks; say bank reconciliation.

the people I see everyday

The dilemma of telling and not telling my supervisor dragged for two days. I was hesitant saying my sentiments for she might take it the wrong way. Thankfully, I mustered the courage to speak up and told her I would want to give bank recon a try so I can compare what I learned in school and the actual work. And she said, 'SURE.' That my friend was the day I started feeling comfy in my workplace. Her staff became my friends. I even have friends in the Treasurer's Office already. Everyone is soo nice I could cry. I HAVE MY OWN CUBICLE WITH MY OWN PC AT MY DISPOSAL. Playing games when NOT at work or even when you have pending work is LEGAL. I was told once, 'Don't be too hard on yourself. Relax. Go to the plaza for fresh air. Play games. I had new games installed or you can ask the other department'

See what I mean?! *evil grin* Just got lucky.


♥AVA NICOLÉ♥ said...

writing is theraputic..don't mind them!:P hehe

wow, that's a nice work place!:) i hate staring into rather be busy!

good luck with your upcoming works! do well!


isabel said...

*just got lucky* and blessed! :)

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