Sunday, May 10, 2009



Thank you for everything.

Despite the times I shrug your I love you's, scrunch my nose and playfully say, CORNY I am grateful I have a loving and expressive mother by my side who never lets the day end without telling me how much you love me.

You know I get annoyed every time you call my name to run an errand especially when I'm watching an action-packed movie or gushing over a Korean series/movie but still you rarely scold me for that.

I never understood before how you can still treat me like a little baby (even in public!) kissing or cooing at me and all that, but now I can already comprehend that even if I'll already break out from this house and have a family of my own, I'll always be your Goldilocks. Little, foolhardy, anxious, scared and sensitive.

I tried soo hard to keep things bottled to myself. My fear of failure, my disappointments in friends and in things I do, my fears over little things like ghosts and howling dogs at night and the tears I stop from coming, you ALWAYS KNOW and pretend you don't. For you know, I hate it when someone sees me cry and weak. And when all else has calmed, you'd sit down with me and talk about it. On the first word you utter, as if right on cue, I bawl and shake with abandon.

Your always on call 24/7. You worry over little things that has to do with me and Paul. I get sick with your overprotectiveness most of the time. I get sick with you treating us like babies. But you should know, when you left for The Netherlands, the house seemed lifeless. Like a torch of light was put out.

Unfortunately, you have an inexpressive daughter who finds it hard to say words filled with emotion but I say it in times when I don't disobey your words, prepare your milk, help you with your clothes, scold you when you eat too much meat, and take your words of guidance seriously.

Thank you Ma, my number one FAN, my cheerleader! I am your fan too! Please take good care of yourself. Don't be hard-headed. Follow the doctor's prescriptions. All I want is for you to have a long life and be there when I and Paul have reached our stars, meet our destined star and have little stars of our own.

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