Tuesday, December 9, 2008

TWILIGHT: Kinda Sucked, Kinda Not

Watching the Twilight movie was partly a bad move; I lost my groove for the next flick (Twilight so-so aftermath). I had no right to expect a lot from it knowing they had a pretty small budget to work with (unlike HP installments) but still lurking deep in my subconscious, I was hoping for a miracle.

I came out of the movie house
half disappointed. The keyword there folks is 'half'. The movie was not a complete blunder to deserve the word 'crap and trash'. It won't be raking millions in its debut if it were; albeit 80% of those tickets were from shrieking fans eager for a vamp's bite. The remaining 20%? People driven with curiosity; checking out what caused the frenzy over pale-hot men.Some pretty good scenes from the book were either disregarded or portrayed with less intensity (i.e. the hiking-to-the-meadow-part-and-Edward-shimmering-like-a-walking-diamond!). Okay so maybe it's just me. I love that scene! And the Twilight team was like bragging the shimmering-like-diamonds part. Thus, I was led thinking I'll probably hyperventilate when I get to see him 'shimmer' while saying the words, 'And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.' That part, in my opinion, sucked!

On a brighter note, the baseball scene ROCKED, immensely.

I deeply regret verbally abusing Pattinson. The casting team (sp?) made the right decision giving the role to Robert Pattinson. He may not be the Edward I imagined, but when his face showed up onscreen I could swear it sizzled from sheer awesomeness! I pity Norka (the friend who sat beside me). Unlike her who simply smiled (demure? could be.) I squealed and pushed her over and over again.

The Bella Kristin Stewart portrayed was overly-aggressive. At some parts, she had to narrate and it was pretty monotonous. The way she delivered the most significant lines were lacking deep emotion. Is it just me? Or am I being too hard on her?


  1. Why is Mike too cocky? Is he supposed to be a bit behaved.
  2. Charlie is CHARLIE. Two thumbs up. His most abused words, "I put the pepper spray on your bag"
  3. OMG. Carlisle stole the show for a minute or two there. Perhaps the hottest 30-something blonde I laid my eyes on (except for Brad Pitt and Beckham, duh!).
  4. I gotta give the 'most gorgeous' trophy to Victoria. Even with leaves sticking on her thick, blonde curls, she still looked awesome. Sorry Rosalie.
  5. Jacob with his bean hat on is cute.
NEWS ALERT: New Moon, the next installment, says goodbye to Catherine Hardwicke. Despite breaking the record of being the top female director to have a multi-million dollar movie debut since Deep Impact, Summit is forced to give the movie to another director due to sched constraints. The person remains unknown as of the moment.


Hussein said...

waAah! i have watched the movie recently, it's nice! I'm not dissapointed at all because i'm not expecting anything from the movie. I just enjoyed watching especially the baseball scene! your right! the beauty title goes to Victoria. On the other hand, Bella is pretty too but not at all times. It depends on the angle i guess.

I'm planning to post an ENTRY(hehe) about twilight.


aka Procne said...

People who have not read the book appreciate them more than those who did. So that explains why.

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