Thursday, November 6, 2008

not in the mood for school yet

Oh, so I have not posted anything about passing my major subject. Well, I PASSED! Move on. Wait. I AM grateful. I prayed for it for days and weeks. But still, I can't be all that happy you know. How can you be THAT happy when you see your friends getting negative marks? I tried to say the right things to comfort, but words come out waaay differently than I intended them to be. *sigh*

Classes started today. But why the hell am I writing this? Yep! Ditched school again. Hey, one week ain't enough to call it a break you know? I plan to show up next week. Dang! Just received a text message that one of our Profs announced a quiz for Monday. Great. What a way to start a semester. No silly typical intros, get head on to frustrating quizzes. Since I'm bored I'm stumbling websites, updating my blogs writing nonsense, obsessing over Twilight stuff, drooling over food pictures in the web, stalking celebs, and browsing indie music.

May I survive another hellish semester!

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