Thursday, November 6, 2008

8-minute Scene from TWILIGHT

WARNING: The video contains spoilers from the movie. So don't press play if you want to have everything saved up until its official release. As for the rest, go on and ENJOY!

As my friend Stefanie requested, I posted this 8-minute scene from Twilight where Edward introduced Bella to his vampire family. There are MAJOR variations as I have expected. Surprisingly, I did not overreact. It was okay. No major disappointments whatsoever although it's soooo different from the book that it got me thinking whether the director actually read everything thoroughly. Oh well. What am I blubbering still. Press play.

PS Stef, I posted the video Decode by Paramore which is one of the songs featured in Twilight. Perhaps you might want to see it and enjoy the song. It's on my multiply account here's the link. Lemme know if it won't work. I'm so excited to see the movie na. :D


cielo said...

hmm, before nko gwatch, ngpretend ko na wala ko nakabasa sa book. hehe
ako lang ni or kataw-ana jud xa? :))
grabe ang mga xagit sa mga bae!!

i cant wait to see the movie! XD


emje said...

AUS man japon xa! daghan nata adik! =)

aka Procne said...

i'm glad the humor's still there. the saga's not really a hardcore vampire flick, noh. more on romance.

J - Dawn said...

I was really expecting the grand piano and the really big wall in his room. oh well, you canlt have everything.. :0 thanks for posting it tho. ;)

aka Procne said...

@J-DAWN: I expected a door to his room. And the room in the movie doesn't have one, and it's waaay too small. Oh well. Yeah. Let's just pretend we haven't read the book to avoid major disappointments.

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