Thursday, October 23, 2008

Back to Blogging!


School. Study. Home. Eat. Study. Try doing just that for almost three long weeks..Freakin' stressful! MILF attacks and one too many holidays delayed the exams thus we only have a week to unwind before another hellish semester begins. *sigh* Wonder why I don't get tired from all the whining! The semester might have come to a close but we keep on going back to school eager for exam results and anxious for the release of our grades which by the way determine whether we get to proceed with our course or not. Shit! Whenever I think of it, I get depressed. I can't allow myself to relax. Damn! Why oh why did I ever get myself into this hellhole?! I'm the one complicating my life when I could have opted and insisted to take a BA course?!

Last week, when my friends came home enjoying their break, hanging out, eating whatever they can grab around town and aimlessly strolling wherever their feet lead, I WAS STUCK IN SCHOOL answering mind-boggling problems. I WANTED TO SCREAM AND RIP MY HAIR OUT. >:C


But, good thing just yesterday.. I was able to go with them. First, we went to one of the most expensive cafes in town, ARUMA and talked while we waited for others to show up. After a long wait, I excused myself to run an errand. Then came back again to meet them in SIO-NGO's a cheap hang out place where we stayed til dark. I had quite a lot of fun, catching up with friends cheers me up.


This Saturday, I'm off to Cebu! It's been nine years since I set foot on my Mom's birth place. What excites me is my Lola's cooking, the funny Cebuano accent, the rugged terrains and pristine beaches, old churches, getting all the attention from relatives you get to meet once every decade (lol), hearing the same old remark on having a striking resemblance with Mom and of course, stories handed down from generation to generation about our family history and scary horror stories. You get a lot of that in provincial towns in Cebu.

Whew. It's good to write. Time flies so fast. Never had I realized it's been quite long since I updated my blog. It's not sheer laziness this time, just too many things to attend to. I don't have a laptop I can bring anywhere you know.

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