Monday, August 4, 2008

Twilight Series: Edward's Song for Bella

The first time I heard it from chanteuse sander's blog, man, I can imagine Edward singing it for Bella!!! And I'm actually loving the song. Just imagine Edward strumming the guitar serenading you? Ain't it addictive and swoon-worthy?

Every Twilight fan is aware how music inspired Meyer in writing her books. She even included a playlist of the songs she listened to while writing each book in her acknowledgments and website. Meyer claims she hears her character's voices through Justin Furstenfield of Blue October in his song, Hate Me. The song was actually Justin's way of making amends to the people he hurt when he got addicted to drugs but to Twilight series fans and the author herself, it seemed like the song was like 'customized' for New Moon where Edward left Bella for her sake.

I took the liberty of posting the video AND the lyrics (yes, you can sing along if you want to) on Meyer's Breaking Dawn concert where Justin sang the song for everyone. Thank you to chanteuse sanders again. I owe you!

"The one thing that always tore us apart, is the one thing I won't touch again"
Hate me so you can finally see whats good for you "
"And like a baby boy I never was a man until I saw your blue eyes cry
And I held your face in my hand and then I found out I can't make it go away"

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