Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ryan Cabrera, Ditch the Beard!

Ryan grew some beard. And it looks wrong on him. Okay, so I guess I was used to seeing him young, fresh and beard-free but I still think his beard's got to go. When I saw his video, I'd have to recheck the name of the artist, play the video again and squint my eyes to see if it's really Ryan then I recheck the name again. So, it is Ryan. Haha.

Press play above and check out the video so you'd know what I'm talking about. The long hair, the beard, the hat.. he's a grown man alright, but, he'd look fine without the beard, thank you.

But, in his video 'Say' still from his new album, he already ditched the beard. And Ryan looks a lot better. In fact, more mature. The hat and the long hair minus the beard, looks good on him.
Here's the video and press play.

Die hard Cabrera fans might be happy to know he's got a new album entitled, The Moon Underwater. Yes, it also features the songs in the videos as well.


  1. In Between Lights
  2. Enemies
  3. Say
  4. Rise
  5. Sit Back, Relax
  6. The Tango
  7. How Bout Tonite
  8. I Shoulda Kissed You
  9. Say You Will
  10. Please Don't Lie
  11. I Will Remember You

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