Sunday, July 20, 2008

Transformer's Sequel: Megan Fox Ordered to Gain 10 lbs

Yey! Tranformers fans definitely have something to look forward to. There's a freakin' sequel! I already have a lot to add to my movies-to-watch list. I was never a fan of talking, fighting robots even especially the animated ones. When everyone went gaga over Voltes five, Gundam and the likes I wondered why they were soo hooked. I preferred fighting ninjas with supernatural powers over robotic machines. It all changed when I watched the movie. I fell in love with Bumblebee and cherished the thought of having my own robot friend to talk to, to protect me and to go with in an adventure to SAVE THE WORLD!! Haha.

There's a sequel and can I say there's a sequel again? Okay, sometimes my excitement gets the better of me. I guess they haven't started filming yet BUT they're already doing the scripts and casting. And yes, MEGAN FOX is in. Uhuh. That's right. The cat-eyed, sizzling hot vixen who made men's brains stop functioning and women muttering insecure curses when she popped the hood in the movie. She was unnaturally, enviably sexy!

Here's the catch, Megan Fox was told to gain 10 lbs for the role because she's way too skinny. You read it right. SHE'S GOT TO GAIN TEN POUNDS. WHY?? Her bod's godly enough why does she have to gain? I'd have to hold my verdict though. I still haven't seen recent pics of her yet. It's undeniable though that the skinny claim might be true since recently, she broke up with her boyfriend. Depression and heartbreak makes one ugly and celebrities are no exception. Good thing she's got a project coming up to get her mind off from her recent break up.

Meanwhile, here's a pic of her popping Bumblebee's hood.

effortlessly fab!

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