Saturday, June 21, 2008

Not Ma'am L again!

For the first time ever in my entire duration of studying accounting, I NOW enjoy solving problems. I even solve in advance. It even surprises me each time I grab my fat book and just solve. All thanks to our professor. She makes accounting enjoyable and interesting. But when things were beginning to go well she suddenly announced in class, "I won't be your teacher anymore, someone else will come to lecture next meeting." And we were like, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Ma'am! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Haha. She had to cover her ears to shut out our vehement protestations! No matter how we keep begging her to drop her other subjects, she never budged.

Having a decent foundation in Accounting 202 will greatly equip us for next impossibly difficult accounting subjects and we desperately NEED her. Among all the teachers we had, she was the only one who made us understand what composes each transaction and how it affects the financial statements. Now this?!

This day sucks. Nakakapanghinayang. Kainis!

argh! fine. fine. Whoever walks up in class next meeting better be good. If it's Ma'am L? Puhleeaase... Kill me now. She'll shatter my hopes and dreams of being a CPA. So okay, she helped a lot of students to pass the board exam. Yes,she's damn good when it comes to REVIEWS. But, it doesn't mean she's best in teaching the concepts. Come On! I barely remember her standing in class for more than 10 mins to discuss concepts thoroughly. Hello?! She might not have the faintest idea that we students need a teacher, not some woman reading our academic book word for word for two whole hours!

Please GOD. Let it be someone else JUST NOT Ma'am L.

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Neena said...

Keep up the good work.

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