Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rain's ComicCon Interview: SAY WHAT?!

What happens when someone tries too hard pretending he understands and speaks English fluently? They freakin' get under your skin and annoy the hell out of you! Oh, wait. For some, it's PURE COMEDY!

Rain fans, sorry to disappoint you but this Korean star's got his ego bloated bigger than a balloon. His break in Hollywood perhaps made him think he's already one of the most appealing and influential (okay so he is according to Time magazine) celebrities in the world that it won't matter if he speaks gibberish English and acts like he's saying it right or wear a hideous mop for a hair!

Guess what? He did just that at ComicCon in San Diego. Rain did a cringe-worthy interview for Movieweb promoting his movie Ninja Assassin. One, he spoke in English THROUGHOUT. Second, he pretended to understand what the interviewer was asking and kept on blurting far-fetched answers. And third, he kept on ignoring the translator provided for him. Yeah, yeah. What's all the English lessons for if he won't put it to use? Haha.

Here's the interview:

Interviewer: I gotta know- is one of your favorite things standing topless in the “rain”?

Rain: Ahhh hahaha…uh…yes…blahblah (what did he say?)…everyday..naked in my house… haha just kidding. (WTF?)

Interviewer: We see some pretty wicked weapons…what are you going to do with that….

Rain: That’s my girlfriend. (Rain points to the 2 swords in the poster) That’s my first girlfriend. That’s my second girlfriend. (huh?)

Interviewer: ….is the soul of your dead girlfriend in that weapon?

Rain: I…I….you know…just kidding (nodding my head in shame)

Interviewer: ….I heard you can’t get over your dead girlfriend…

Rain: I don’t have girlfriend.. real girlfriend, you know. (uhm, kindly ask help from the translator!!!)

(Interviewer tries to help him out)

Interviewer: In the movie, you have a girlfriend, she dies right?

Rain: ahhhh yes (nod)… ya-su…(nod) …ya-su…

Interviewer: This brings up an interesting question about sex-what does the ninja do when his girlfriends are weapons like that?

Rain: ….huuhuu… no….. don’t do it again please (HUH?)

Interviewer: Just teasing ya. So what kind of training did you have to do to get into this role?

Rain: in the movie right?

Interviewer: …asking you movie questions…your girlfriend in the movie is dead, not in real life….I’m sorry if there is …

Rain: I’ve been training for 6 months… you know….from the moment.. I’ve been…ahhhh…punching (?) my mind and menu with chicken breasts and vegetables… it was almost killed me…. it’s horrible… (*hahahah rolls in laughing fits)

Interviewer (speechless)…opps sorry. Did you get to wear a traditional ninja outfit in the film?

Rain: yes. yep…ah… it was … fantastic maybe if you see the movie… you will figure it out (

Interviewer: (pause) Thank you so much.

As if you're not abused enough, here's the video for laughs.

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